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THOLOANA Sustainable Development and Environmental Consultants (Tholoana Environmental Consulting) has been active since December 2009 and has been actively involved in Environmental Management and Sustainable Development projects across the country and within the African continent. Currently, Tholoana Environmental Consulting have projects with a footprint in most of the nine (9) Provinces in South Africa.

Tholoana Environmental Services, include but not limited to Environmental Authorisation processes listed as but not limited to Environmental Impact Assessments, Environmental Management Plans/Environmental Management Programmes, Section 24G Rectification process; Waste Management License applications; Integrated Waste Management Plans, Social and Labour Plans for Mining and Industry including Implementation of Social Labour Plans, Training and Capacity Building. We have also been involved in the Petrochemical industry in giving environmental advice; Due diligence & Feasibility studies; Environmental Compliance auditing and Permits/License applications. Some of the services that we provide include - Stakeholder Engagement which includes Community Facilitation and mediation. Feasibility studies for Renewable Energy Projects, such as Biofuel, Wind, Solar and Geothermal energy plants. Tholoana Environmental Consulting have completed Climate Change strategies and facilitated Municipal responses to the adaptation and mitigation of the effects of Climate Change.

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